What Kind of Website Should I Build?

by DeAngelo



I have an Indie Record Label and my main goal is to start a website promoting the label as well as the music we put out, but I would like some advice as to the type of site I should start!!

I believe if you have a fan base for what your promoting it is much more realistic to be able to create a pretty good cash flow from digital downloads, Ringtones, merchandise, and so forth.

1. Should I start this site using site build it?

2. If not site build it then who? (WordPress, etc!!)

3. Being that I will have my own product for sale, will it be a bad idea to have Adsense on my site?

4. Should I learn HTML, CSS, and SEO?

5. I also want to start an affiliate marketing site using Adsense with the primary focus being the music niche, should I just focus on my record label’s music site or can both be done and integrated together?

I would like anyone’s advice, from who has any experience in these fields and I want to thank you ahead of time as your thoughts and time you take to share them is greatly appreciated!!

God bless!!



by Mr. Potential
1. As a singer performer and webmaster I’ve discovered the important common thread that will manner most in one’s website concept and creation. It is all about the content. The success of your artist is in direct relationship to the quality and depth of the content package he or she delivers to the audience. Online the same is true for the content you deliver to your visitors to your website.

DeAngelo you have all the right answers inside you, and Site Build It (SBI) can help you determine the best site concept for your business. Since your business is a service, checkout SBI member case studies of several service e-businesses.

2. Although, WordPress is a wonderful tool for blogging and building content, it cannot guide you through this process of website concept and creation.

3. If you follow the SBI Action Guide, it will show you how to monetize your website systematically with multiple monetization models.

Yes, it is possible to sale your own products and add google adsense ads on your website. SBI is so generous, they even let you review much of the Action Guide for free. But you will have to purchase the program to get access to all of the tools and resources they have available to you. SBI’s products and services are more than worth its price.

4. Learning is constant with being a successful website owner. HTML, CSS and SEO are all important topics to learn, however, I would recommend learning the basic process of building a website by following SBI’s Action Guide and using their blockbuilder to build your website.

It is so easy to get overwhelmed with information overload, that I would recommend to start learning these topics after you get your Indie Record Label website launched using SBI, and get comfortable with the SBI process. Then you can start learning other useful topics.

5. A music niche and Affiliate marketing can be integrated together into one site, if you got your site concept setup in an effective manner. The following are important facts to consider in your website integration:

• Your site concept,
• Building your niche and,
• Writing good quality content.

Then applying sound monetization models like affiliate marketing can work for you.

SBI’s Action Guide can help you meet all of these requirements. For more information, click here where I discuss how I built a successful website using SBI and decided to be an affiliate.

I hope this helps. Let me know if I can be of further assistance. Thanks for your inquiry.

All The Best!

Darryl Kenebrew
Coach Mr. Potential

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