Coaching Tips Writing Guidelines

The following are Coaching Tips Writing Guidelines to help you submit a quality submission with a constant format. These guidelines are not mandatory, however, it should be considered when creating your submission.

Submission Preparation

  • Select and record 1 coaching tip for your readers (used in your introduction).
  • Select and record 1 benefit that this coaching tip will give your readers (used in your first paragraph).
  • Select and record 1 case study, example or experience that relates to your coaching tip (used in your second paragraph).
  • Select the appropriate Coaching Tips Submission Page from the main list page to submit your coaching tips.
  • Also, ensure that your submission is either new original material or a rewrite of your original material. Duplicate material de-values your work.

Content Breakdown


Create a Coaching Tips title related to your niche and expertise. The title should be one to four words.


Approximately 50 words, which states a problem and tell your readers what coaching tip you will discuss further.

First paragraph:

Approximately 100 words, which reveal to the readers the specific tips and techniques explanation and why and how it is an effective solution.

Second paragraph:

Approximately 100 words, which sites a case study, examples or your own experiences using this method.


Approximately 50 words, where you restate the coaching tip method and the benefit gained by your readers when they implement the technique.

This tips writing formula, should take about 15 to 30 minutes to produce a minimum of 250 words. Make sure you include keywords related to your coaching niche. Please Contact me if you need further assistance with your submissions.

Checkout our Coaching Tips Submission Pages. Choose the submission pages right for you.

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