Think Before You Leap

by John
(Oklahoma City, OK, USA)

Think and act on your career

Think and act on your career


When you are 25 years-old, everything seems easy and fun. You have the whole world. You can do whatever you want. You are like a free bird. You probably have not realized that this is the time for you to try out new challenges and find out what is best for you. That does not mean you should change a job every few days. It means you choose what you like and go for it for a year or two. Learn and absorb. Observe and listen. Be critical but not judgmental. Before you turn 30, it is never to late to change your track as you are still moving like an unstoppable maglev train.

Jam happens to every one. At some point, it will come to you and slow you down. Do not let it stop you. You will feel like you are stuck somewhere and cannot get out. It may be time for you to make a decision. Ask yourself whether you want to do the same thing even when you are 60 years-old, old and tired all the time. Ask yourself whether you want a new challenge and whether you can afford a new world. When you move toward the middle ages, your mind is clearer but motion is slower. You are allowed to think before jumping. Hold on to that mindset and enjoy what you have chosen.

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