Should I attempt college again?


Hello there. Thanks for taking time to read my question, I really appreciate it. I am 34 with 4 kids and I have attempted college twice and quit or flunked out. It seemed I was always looking for something new to do and would easily get bored with things. I could easily enough understand the material in all my classes but something would always have my time and my attention. Fast forward 10 or 12 years and now I am 34 with no degree and about to relocate to my home state. A recent diagnosis of ADHD has answered a lot of questions I had and the steps taken to control my behaviors are working well. I have since learned to focus and stay on topic. Since I have no degree and work at menial, low pay jobs, I was wondering what you thought about my trying college again? I want to go for Mechanical engineering and it would take around 5 years or more depending on the time I will have to devote to classes. I will still have to work a full time job to care for my family. Do you think I should give it a go or would it be another waste of time and money?

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Should I attempt college again?

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Do It, Til You Make It
by: Mr. Potential 

Congratulations to you on bringing up 4 children into the world. A mother’s love is a wonderful thing.

Thomas Edison tried One thousand times before he got the light bulb and the world out of darkness into light. With each attempt he discovered what didn’t work and it put him closer to what did work. So it is with you. You have discovered how easy it is for you to understand your lessons. Now you’ve learned how to control your attention. The next step forward is organizing your time to make everything in your life work in harmony with each other as best as you can. Education is the foundation for preparedness. When you are prepared for the opportunities that come your way then Success can surely follow.

Everyone should follow there dream, despite what may be perceived as obstacles. Put a solid plan together and are already in preparation and well on your way, because of what you learned about your potential to make dream work for you. It is your choice and its all about how you look at it. Make it work for you, and for your family. Make it fit your world, so that your world becomes better for it.

All The Best
Mr. Potential

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