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What is Mr Potential Professional Background?

My name is Darryl Kenebrew. I am a Professional Life Coach with Coaches Institute International and have a bachelor’s degree in Engineering.

I have 15 years of consulting experience in;

  • Engineering,
  • Operations,
  • Technical Writing,
  • Business Process Improvement,
  • Business Operations,
  • and Business Architecture

to provide creative, technical, innovative contributions and solutions to organizations and individuals.

I work with businesses large and small from;

  • Multi-National Corporations,
  • Foreign,
  • Domestic,
  • Fortune 50 to,
  • Fortune 1000 to,
  • Startup Companies in different industries.

I work with;

  • Entrepreneurs,
  • Executives,
  • Managers,
  • Business Owners,
  • Entertainment Professionals,
  • Spiritual Leaders,
  • and Community Leaders.

Mr Potential, Darryl Kenebrew’s professional life has been spent working in Chicago, Illinois and now Dallas, Texas assisting most of my clients. I am available to work with clients remotely or onsite, throughout the US and other english speaking countries. Here are a list of large and small organizations, I’ve provided consulting services:

  • Nokia,
  • Samsung,
  • Dell,
  • Cadbury Schweppes,
  • Nortel,
  • Home Interiors,
  • Trinity Industries,
  • 7 Ink
  • and many other companies.

I have a wide range of consulting experience in many industries, including communications, telecommunications, logistics, manufacturing IT, and many more. I also have been a student of personal development and the Life Coaching process for the past 15 years. I left my successful corporate career in 1996 to be a consultant, live in alignment with my own vision and goals, to help others achieve the success and happiness that we all deserve in life and business.

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