Is Personal Coaching For You?

Coaching Careers

Personal Coaching is a relationship agreement designed between you and a professional coach. This agreement is based on your expressed interests, goals and objectives. A coach may use inquiry, reflection, requests and discussion to help you identify personal and/or business and/or relationship goals, develop strategies, relationships and action plans intended to achieve those goals.

The coach provides an environment for clients to be held accountable to themselves by monitoring the client’s progress towards implementation of their action plans. Together you will evolve and modify the plan to best suit your needs and environmental relationships. Coaches often act as an objective point of view by sharing outside and unbiased perspectives.

Your Personal Coach

Your coach may teach specific insights and skills to empower you toward your goals. You are responsible for your own achievements and success. You to take action and your coach may assist.

Your coach will not lead or do the work for you. Therefore, your coach cannot and will not promise you will take any specific action or attain your specific goals.

Professional coaching is not counseling, therapy or consulting. These different skill sets and approaches to change may be adjunct skills and professions.

Some coaches specialize or teach in many areas of personal/professional coaching, while others focus or teach in one or two specific niche areas of coaching. Finding the right specialty for you depends on your current need. If your coaching needs change as you progress, then you need to focus on receiving coaching from a different area of specialization, just like any other organized team would. It is important to note that all coaching is primarily about expanding awareness.

Learn more from the many variations
of Personal Coaching from the list below:

1. Executive Coaching

2. Management Coaching

3. Leadership Coaching

4. Sales Coaching

5. Career Coach

6. Conflict Coaching

7. Health Coaching

8. Success Coaching

9. Acting Coaching

10. Voice Coaching

11. Vocal Coaching

12. Writing Coaching

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