Passion Leads Career

by Lija John
(Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India)


A Passion Leads To Flamboyant Career!

Career plays very big role in our life. To lead a nice career one must think about it very seriously. Career depends upon the interest of a person. A person must understand the likes and dislikes of the things which lead to a better career. Career must be selected without any ones compulsion.

Career starts from the stage of schooling itself. In this stage, a person comes to know their likes and dislikes about various subjects. A person deals in future with the subjects that are liked by him. Interest is the thing that plays a very important role to achieve a successful career. A person might be having lots of personal interests. If those are being linked to the career, the growth in a professional career will be faster.

I have selected my career according to my interest in the subject. I was very interested in solving mathematics queries. So I decided to approach the career that is connected to mathematics. Also, I am fond of computers, so I choose the career of Computer science.

Essentially, a career gives immense pleasure if we properly design and treat it. Also an advice, don’t go by the rules in books or experience of others to finalize a career. It may end up in miseries and dislikes over a period of time.

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