What is a Life Transition Coach?

A Life Transition Coach helps someone who is looking for a faster or easier way to successfully navigate a major work or life transition. This transition can represent an issue going from one state to another – be it emotional, professional or situational. The Transition coach will help you focus on successfully moving toward the next chapter of your life using action-oriented, goal-focused, problem solving approaches.

During periods of transition a person could lack confidence, react with anxiety and need to re-evaluate, re-prioritize, re-energize, learn new skills, and create a new vision and goals before they can move forward. Periods of transition are times to concentrate on rebuilding your inner self and to discover new possibilities for who you want to be and what you want to do in your life ahead. Transitions in life are the time to reduce unfulfilling attachments to the past while positioning yourself for the productive future.

People who seek a Transition Coach are those that come face-to-face with disruptions in their life were they need support.

For example:

  • Relocating
  • Laid off from job
  • Job or career change
  • High School Senior Preparing for College
  • Career Women with a biological ticking clock
  • Recent Divorce
  • Recent Empty Nester
  • Stay-at-home mom considering going back into the workplace
  • Considering going back to school as an Adult
  • Dealing with mid-life crisis
  • Raising children and caring for elderly parents
  • Estate and Retirement planning

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