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Keep Learning

by Zazu
(Houston, Texas, USA)

This tip is not about the luck factor but about being prepared. I always think that I will be the last person to have any issues or problems in my life and career. I guess most of us think the same way, but, it’s doesn’t happen that way. So, what do we do to face those kinds of situations?

Let’s take an example of an IT (information Technology) career. Sam started his career with a good company and he knew latest technology at the time of joining the company. So he got paid more than the experienced employees in the company.

Young Sam finished his work in no time everyday and enjoyed the rest of the time by browsing the Internet or by leaving early. Years passed by and the technology has evolved and as he still has the same technical knowledge, he is not playing a key role in the company.

He realized that the company is looking for a new skill set, he then started preparing for the latest technologies. It’s been long time since he has had to put his brain to work and with all the stress at office he is not able to concentration. Finally, the day has come and he is asked to leave the office.

Sam could have invested his free time on upgrading his knowledge or he could have picked up on his hobby, which could have landed him in some job.

Luck always favors the prepared.