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Wellness and Health Coach

Health Coaching

The Wellness or Health Coach is recognized as a way to help you “manage” your illnesses and conditions, especially those of a chronic nature. A Health and Wellness coach is a person who observes, gives objective feedback, teaches, helps to develop a plan of action and holds you responsible for your actions and commitments.

Your coach will share relevant health education information so that you are well informed.

These coaches will help you develop your health and wellness plan and keep it on track. The coach can also create a customized exercise routine for you. This coach can be your cheerleader and help you meet your health and wellness goals. They will help you maintain a good diet.

This coach may not be certified as a dietitian, however they should have good knowledge of nutrition. This knowledge is enough to help you set dieting goals. If you have health issues and need to quit smoking, drinking or eating fast food you can hire a Health and Wellness coach to be your accountability partner.

Your wellness coach will give you advice on what to do when the urge hits, when working to quit these habits.

Getting In Shape

Your coach will help you assess your current fitness level. Then you and your coach will look at your current lifestyle and exercise interests. This information is the foundation to set a fitness goal for you to achieve. The coach will then make it a fun and exciting process to get fit.

Getting Stress Free

When comes to stress your coach can help you understand your thoughts, perceptions and the events that create your stress. The Health coach will encourage your development of self-observation and self-awareness so that you learn how to respond to events in your life. You learn to recognize how to you can best manage your stress level. The coach will provide you tools and techniques to help you management your stress and incorporate it into your daily life.

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