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This variety of coaching Combines the field of Personal Coaching and dispute resolution. This field of coaching helps individuals and groups develop creative, effective and constructive methods to address and resolve conflict. There is opportunity for discovery and growth that exists in any conflict as a result of conflict resolution coaching. Facing conflict is never easy. If you are responsible for the conflict it could be even worse.

Conflict can be confusing, overwhelming and so stressful that you don’t know how to clearly sort through the facts. In a situation like this, taking steps to figure out your next best step takes a lot courage and effort.

The costs of conflict on every level for both organizations and individuals and quick escalate and has led to the increased use of arbitrators, mediators, and other neutrals, including fact-finders, facilitators, and intermediary to resolve such conflicts.

Conflict coaching uses one of many conflict management tools for helping you improve your conflict management skills and abilities. Like many other techniques of this nature, it is based on the view that conflict provides an opportunity to improve relationships, to create mutually satisfactory solutions and attain other positive outcomes when differences arise in a relationship between you and another individual or group.

Your coach will help you become more self-aware of your current reality, what you desire to do and what you do not like, then explore the future you desire to create. This puts you in a position to address what is the basic for the conflict and seek fixes to resolve the conflict. After this is complete your coach can help you set goals and strategies on how to best deal with your conflict. You can also learn how to deal with conflict better in the future. Conflict can happen to anyone, even to the best of us. In a conflict crisis it is a great asset to have a conflict coach to help you deal with conflict in a productive manner successfully.

Successful conflict resolution involves promoting communication among disputants, problem solving, and drafting agreements that meet their underlying needs. In these situations, conflict resolvers focus on finding the win-win solution, or mutually satisfying scenario, for everyone involved.

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