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Life Coach

Our worldwide Improvement Coaching Directory ICD allows you to search our growing database to find a personal coach, life coaches or expert that is right for you.

The Category Search Method

Scroll down the page or click here to view a Category listing of all the personal coaches, life coaches and experts in our directory. This method is handy if you want to know how many coaches or experts are in a particular category, for example, or if you just prefer looking at a list of Life Transition Coaches.

Site Testimonial

Thanks for your generosity! I’m in awe of your ability to strategize and give so much personal attention to one member of your directory despite your busy schedule… You’ve got a real gift for empowering people!

I appreciate you and your gifts that you offer so generously to the world! You make a wonderful difference.

Warm Regards,
Lorna Blake
LJ Empowerment Consulting
Empowerment Specialist & Speaker

Personal Coaches, Life Coaches and Other Expects, can select a category link below to get a FREE listing in our Worldwide Improvement Coaching Directory.

There’s no Coach or Expert showing up in your category of interest? No Problem! They may not have submitted their listing to our on-site directory yet. To help you out, we’ve included a search box below that will return results from all over the internet.

Just type in the words “life coach” or “personal coach” or the type of Expert you are looking for (without the quotes), and you’ll be taken to a page of search results that match your query.

We can’t endorse any particular coach or expert in our directory since there’s no way we can try them all. However, you can leave a review or a testimonial for any Coach or Expert you’ve used. Sharing your experience can be beneficial to those supplying the service or those seeking a similar service.

To do this, just go to the Coach or Expert listing page and click on the “comments” button at the bottom of that page to leave your review. Others will be able to see these comments when they visit that directory listing. Now isn’t that cool?

Category Listings

Coaching Categories


Janice Tomich



Elizabeth McCarty


Oscar Truitt

Management Voice


Julia Tyson

Diane O’keefe

Rachel Assuncao

June House

Esther Rumfelt

crave nutrition

Celebrity Life




James Weinberg


Alycia Griffin

Urska Bremec

Grant Willcox

Life Transition

Lorna Blake

Crystal Armstead

Amy Gilthorpe



Debra J. Rigas


Spiritual Development

Ann McLaughlin

Marissa Leib


Patrick Courtois

Claudia Baier

Leonard Lang, Ph.D

Expert Categories

Business Solutions

Journal Engine


John Cameron

Alternative Energy Investments
Music Entertainment

Personal Development

Rowan Johnson

Shane Gilliam

Real Estate

Geographical Listings

Life Coaches in the United States


Do you know of a Coach or Expert that should be listed here? Send them to this page to find a category from our Improvement Coaching Directory to get a FREE listing or go to the Why Join Us page to discover what we offer those professionals who are members of our improvement community.

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