What is a Christian Life Coach?

A Christian Life Coach works with people who not only seek to identify their gifts but to apply them in service to their faith and belief in God. Christian worldviews are the essential to this Life Coach. The Christian Coach governs their coaching method according to divine revelation and spiritual guidance.

A Christian focusing on fulfilling their Christian dreams, desires and goals can achieve this with the help of their Christian coach. This coach will not provide assistance from a secular or non-Christian perspective, but from a Biblical approach. This assistance will come in the form of:

  • setting and achieving Christian goals,
  • getting results,
  • sharing insights and inspirations,
  • applying biblical perspectives,
  • building testimonies of faith,
  • learning how to apply biblical gifts and Christian attributes,
  • coping with secular issues such as health,
  • money and relationships,
  • and how to live a fulfilling Christian life.
      Who are ideal candidates for help from a Christian Coach? 

      Single parents, Stay-at-home moms, Working moms, Married and non-married couples, Relationship seekers, people in troubling relationships, Educators, Students, Pastors, Worship leaders, People who are looking to get more out of life, People who want to get back on the spiritual Christian track, People who are preparing for marriage or childbirth, People who find themselves with an empty nest for the first time, People who long for the peace and happiness according to Christian teachings.

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