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Self Improvement Ideas

Tips to Overcoming Obstacles to Your Progress


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Tips to Overcoming Obstacles to Your Progress

When it comes to overcoming obstacles it is not uncommon to find people who respond differently to the very same situation. For example, when any of us are held in a heavy traffic, most of us would react with frustration, anger etc. while few might handle the situation with strength.

The manner in which we deal with even minor incidents have great impact on the progress we make in our lives and determine how we overcome the obstacles to achieve the progress. A life coach can help to deepen the self-understanding of your self. If you feel that it is difficult to handle it all by yourself, then it is time you seek the help of a personal development coach. Now let’s discuss feelings and emotions, and it’s relevance to overcoming obstacles.

Impact of your Emotions

Our emotions play a vital role in our life. Oftentimes it’s impact is overlooked. The antidote is to fill your days are filled with positive emotions. It increases our resilience against emotional challenges. In order to gain happiness, one should learn to focus everyday on the moments in one’s life and nurture them with positive emotions. These emotions cause positive emotions to flourish enabling you to look beyond your circumstance, as it may appear to be, and overcome the obstacles with an open mind. The key is to remain calm and cool when the coming and going is tough and take charge of the situation. This is an excellent process for self improvement of your emotions.

To Change You Have to Identify Your Feelings

More than ever it seems that many people are engulfed with thoughts and concerns about their past and their future. Paying attention to the goodness that exists in our lives is overlooked. It could be simple things such as the kindness showed to one by a love one. It could be the beautiful things that nature has laid out. It is necessary of-course to identify ones’ feelings and remain flexible and open. Use flexible dynamics by keeping feelings open and flexible, Instead of focusing too hard on big stuff of the future. It is noble and wise to appreciate with fervor the good things we find in our daily lives, even though it seems small. Going through this personal process can be easier said than done, however, a life coach can be great partner to helping you with your self improvement and identifying your feelings.

Rating Your Feelings

Remember a time in your life when you created feeling experiences of anger, sadness, anxiety, guilt, where you simply lost control. now it is time to start identifying and rating your feelings. The key is to reduce the intensity of these negative feelings. Rate the intensity of your feelings on a scale from zero to ten (zero indicates no emotion and ten indicates the most intense emotion).

Practice processes to free yourself from these emotions by reminding yourself that you are not going to lose control but instead take charge of the situation at hand in a “easy does it” manner. Mastering sound practices to strengthen your emotions, you will notice that the level of negative emotional intensity will go down the scale. It is okay to feel sad when something very challenging does not go your way, but do not allow feel to guide your emotion and feelings. It will hinder your Self Improvement.

In Conclusion

We all have faced obstacles in our life at some point in time or the other. It is the attitude of the your self and the measures taken by them to overcome those obstacles that make them stand out from the rest of the crowd. Check out part 2, Tips to Overcoming Obstacles to Your progress.

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