Personal Coaching

How Can a Voice Coach
Make Your Voice Shine?

Voice Coach and Public Speaking Coach

A Public Speaking or Voice Coach should be hired if you are looking use your speaking voice to be more successful in public.

Maybe you want to break into the voiceover business or to become a great public speaker.

If you are an executive, or in sales or in customer service, management, technology, science, telephone communication, training, entertainment, and human resources, a Voice Personal Coach can help you speak with a voice that will command attention, inspire and motivate others to take action.

For some professionals their voice is very important to their career and others have a passion to use their voice to improve their career.


A Voice Personal Coach Will Focus On The Following Attributes
To Help You Excel With Your Voice:

Sound Improvements

  • Confident and Self-assured
  • Powerful and persuasive
  • Less nasal and squeaky and more resonant
  • Less child-like and more mature

Speaking Improvements

  • Great Executive Presence
  • Louder and less soft-spoken
  • Less monotone and more expressively
  • Modify your accent for greater speaking clarity
  • Slow your speaking rate to be easily understood


  • Clear and distinct execution


  • Bring people in immediately with your voice tone


  • Give presentations that keep people’s attention
  • Project authority and credibility

As a result, you could:

  • Discover your individual voice image
  • Establish a foundation for a strong voice
  • Give your voice energy and confident projection
  • Have clear and articulate speech
  • Speak with a colorful and expressive sound
  • Engage the listener consistently
  • Be easily heard by any audience
  • Give dynamic speech delivery
  • Insure credibility
  • Be easily understood

In today’s competitive business arena the pressure is greater and the stakes higher for delivery presentation. You got to give yourself the best possible change to make the first impression count for you or your team or organization. The way you present yourself and your message is critical to your success.

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What Can A Vocal Coach
Do For You?

Singing and Vocal Coach

A Vocal or Singing Coach is a music teacher who instructs you on how to improve their singing technique, discover vocal ability, take care of and develop your voice, and prepare for performance and or recording of a song.

Who Could Use a Vocal Personal Coach?

This Coach may:

  • give private music lessons to singers,
  • coach singers who are rehearsing on stage,
  • coach singers who are singing during a recording session.

Vocal Coaches are used for all styles of music from Classical to popular.

What focus areas of instruction can you receive from a Personal Singing Coach?

  • Singing techniques
  • Breathing techniques
  • Diction techniques
  • Pronunciation techniques

A vocalist may use a coach to assist with writing and producing vocal arrangements for four-part harmony for your backup vocalists. They could help you develop countermelodies for a secondary vocalist. Your coach could give you as a singer or band advice on lyric writing for a music production. As a result, your Personal Coach can play a very important role in your success as a vocalist.

Your coach has extensive formal training, such as a Bachelor’s or Masters of Music, maybe a Conservatory diploma, or degree in related areas such as foreign languages. They have diploma in human kinetics, posture techniques or breathing methods. Other coaches that have little formal training will rely on their extensive experience and recognition as a performer.

Having a Vocal Personal Coach can be key to your level of success as a singer/vocalist. Many of the most popular and best singers in the music industry have had to practice with a coach. Working with your vocal gives you an opportunity to explore your potential and improve your craft.

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Can A Writing Coach Help You
Be A Successful Writer?

Writing Coach

A Writing Personal Coach is for aspiring and successful writers. The life of a writer can be challenging.

Your coach can be in your support partner,

  • lending you an ear when you need it
  • offering guidance when you ask for it
  • helping you create a plan of attack tailored to your personality and goals.


Writers are very creative and need to feel that they are masters of their craft. So, your Personal Coach should understand how to be your peer and confidant, without breaking your creative spirit. Your coach should know when to listen quietly to you, when to offer perspective and when to hold your accountable.

Whether you are writing a book, script, articles, short story or your memoirs your coach can ease the difficulty. Your coach will help you write what only you can write. They offer ideas, advice and guidance from their wealth of training and experience with writing that will help you complete your goals from the idea, to final edit to publication and beyond.

Your Coach can help you get:

  • Projects published successfully
  • A partner, mentor and ally
  • Support when you need it throughout your project
  • Help clarifying what you want to write and why
  • Techniques to translate your professional skills into compelling writing
  • Editing and detailed response to your manuscript
  • Specific skills you need to write more effectively


  • If you are seeking to clarify a burning idea
  • or

  • If you are a first time author, needing to understand the writing process
  • or

  • Looking for tips for writing your memoir or novel
  • or

  • If you need constructive editorial feedback to ensure your work is professional
  • or

  • If you have a professional struggling to complete your work
  • or

  • If you need help to find the right agent

Then you should consider hiring a Writing coach.

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