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Is Personal Coaching For You?

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Personal Coaching is a relationship agreement designed between you and a professional coach. This agreement is based on your expressed interests, goals and objectives. A coach may use inquiry, reflection, requests and discussion to help you identify personal and/or business and/or relationship goals, develop strategies, relationships and action plans intended to achieve those goals.

The coach provides an environment for clients to be held accountable to themselves by monitoring the client’s progress towards implementation of their action plans. Together you will evolve and modify the plan to best suit your needs and environmental relationships. Coaches often act as an objective point of view by sharing outside and unbiased perspectives.

Your Personal Coach

Your coach may teach specific insights and skills to empower you toward your goals. You are responsible for your own achievements and success. You to take action and your coach may assist.

Your coach will not lead or do the work for you. Therefore, your coach cannot and will not promise you will take any specific action or attain your specific goals.

Professional coaching is not counseling, therapy or consulting. These different skill sets and approaches to change may be adjunct skills and professions.

Some coaches specialize or teach in many areas of personal/professional coaching, while others focus or teach in one or two specific niche areas of coaching. Finding the right specialty for you depends on your current need. If your coaching needs change as you progress, then you need to focus on receiving coaching from a different area of specialization, just like any other organized team would. It is important to note that all coaching is primarily about expanding awareness.

Learn more from the many variations
of Personal Coaching from the list below:

1. Executive Coaching

2. Management Coaching

3. Leadership Coaching

4. Sales Coaching

5. Career Coach

6. Conflict Coaching

7. Health Coaching

8. Success Coaching

9. Acting Coaching

10. Voice Coaching

11. Vocal Coaching

12. Writing Coaching

What is Executive Coaching?

Executive Coaching provides coaching focused on developing leadership, business plans, productivity, performance and profitability.

Executive Coaching Goals

The goal is to help executives and entrepreneurs become the best leader, manager or business owner possible. Be a catalyst for creating superb results.

Maximize your performance while inspiring excellence in those you lead, Unlock human performance potential in your workgroup or organization, assessing you and your organization, fulfilling necessary training or consultation relating to job performance, employee conflict or just dealing with stress on the job.

This coaching relationship creates space where you can explore issues important to you. Explore who you are as a leader without interruption or the pressure to perform.

You can say anything, be anything and bounce ideas around. You can be real with yourself without judgment and be heard completely. You coach will be your confidential thinking partner and objective sounding board. This is a partner that supports you with objective feedback in brainstorming, strategizing, prioritizing, focusing and problem solving. Also, you can receive assistance exploring and accessing your own wisdom and greatness.

As a top-level executive, do you do your best thinking by talking out loud?

You may have no one to talk to when your ideas are in the development stage and not yet ready to share on the main stage. The coach relationship can provide a safe and confidential environment, where you can explore new visions, concepts, and plans without concern for politics or having to look your best.

Other situations why Executives could turn to coaching for assistance:

  • Encountering roadblocks to success but aren’t sure exactly what is getting in your way?
  • Finding that people don’t seem to hear or “get” what you say?
  • Attempting to develop new strategies or management structures?
  • Attempting to creatively manage growth and change in your organization?
  • Looking to enhance your leadership skills?

Who Usually Hires a Executive Coach?

Entrepreneurs and senior executives within organizations and corporations of all sizes from small businesses to major mult-nationals.

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What is Management Coaching?

And What Can Management Coaching Do For You?


  • Are you in management or new to the management world?
  • Are you falling behind the planning and organizing curve?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed with keeping up with yourself and others?
  • Finding it difficult to get people together to accomplish desired goals and objectives?
  • Are you neglecting yourself and family to work long and hard hours to meet management goals?

Your Coach will help you convert your ambition and drive into increased management success!

Management coaching provides you with a clear sense of commitment that will enhance your individual and organizational effectiveness. It will empower you as a manager to build and maintain effective relationships with trust and accountability within the organization.

A manager will expand understanding of the organizations culture and behavior. You will develop skills to help others expand their level of responsibility and capacity to take action. You will be more effective as a manager and leader empowering others to succeed. You will learn to develop unity and team spirit that create strong relationships and achieve results.

You will achieve management success when you fully understand and apply the special factors that assure that others will perform to achieve the desired results. Managing others as well as yourself to achieve desired results takes a special person with special insight, special skills and special motivation.

Management is the process of attaining results through the efforts and energies of others. A manager can no longer rely on doing it all themselves.

How will you become a successful manager?

By hiring a management coach.

Your management coach will assist you to organize, focus and enjoy yourself more so you will have the clarity and energy to also manage others to success, without loosing your identity or sanity. You will transition and transform into the management position attaining the RESULTS you desire. You enjoy the journey of growth at the same time.

Examples How A Management Coach Can Help You

Are these circumstances familiar to you?

If you are promoted into a management position, because you’ve performed so well in a previous position and you are expected to automatically do the same in management. Yet you feel the jump from managing yourself to managing a team is a huge leap. Especially if you have little prior training or experience, then a hiring a coach can help you discover how to be a successful manager and be considered for future promotions.

Your coach can help you recognize your natural organization and teaching talents, desire to empower other people to succeed, finding ways to overcome your personal aversion to public speaking.

You can use your coach to further enhance your management effectiveness at each new promotion level.

You can convert yourself from a concerned and overwhelmed new manager to confident and relaxed manager, producing a positive cohesive team everywhere you go.

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Can Leadership Coaching
Help You Be a Leader?

Leadership Coaching

What can Leadership Coaching do for you?
Have you heard the saying? “Leaders are born, not made.” Well let progress beyond this thinking, because you can be transformed into a successful leader.

Do you find yourself:

  • Unclear about your direction?
  • Struggling to attract supporters?
  • Feeling that others are working against you?
  • Having difficulty communicating your vision to others?


Leadership is learned and comes from within!

You too can become a very successful leader who inspires others to strive to reach your visionary goals. You will achieve leadership respect and achievements by connecting with your own coach. Your coach will assist you to clarify your visions, recognize the leadership strengths you have within, and how to communicate your visions to those who will help you accomplish them to produce the RESULTS you want. It doesn’t if your quest if for business leadership or otherwise. You will convert your inner strengths into powerful leadership successes!

Your coach is a thinking partner to keep you on course when you tend to drift, or a guide to focus on the most rewarding activities, or a supporter to remind you of your strengths and purpose. If you are trusted into a project in a leadership role and you feel unprepared and ill-equip with a desire to success, then hire a leadership personal coach. In a short time, you can be successful and produce quality leadership results within your project. Allowing you and your team to thrive. Enjoy the job you do.

Your Personal Coach will help you
analyze leadership development needs to:

  • Think more strategically, more of the time
  • Communicate more confidently, up, down, and across the organization
  • Collaborate more effectively
  • Demonstrating more of an leadership presence with key stakeholders, and outside vendor personnel
  • Be ready, willing, and able to have the difficult conversations when needed
  • Effectively drive key business results without being a jerk!

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Marketing and Sales Coaching

Sales Coaching

A Sales Personal Coach works with salespeople and sales managers on their individual sales challenges and opportunities, including their sales activity, pipeline, and their prospects management. This coach can give you the competitive edge.

All selling is not alike. A coach can customize topics to your specific selling environment. Coaching can focus on what skills and behaviors can be employed immediately to start improving sales results.

This type of coaching can be used to beat the incumbent and the competition and grow your customer base. You will establish action plans that will expect you to execute and then you and the coach can review your progress in each coaching session. This is more than just training. The coach can apply years of selling, managing and training experience to offering you strategies and tactics that will close more deals.

The coaching experience you receive can be customized to leverage your strengths and hold you accountable for implementing suggestions and recommendations from your coach.

Marketing coaching

A marketing coach works with business owners or managers to develop clientele, strategies, marketing or operational tools that will work to increase revenue, decrease staff size, reach a broader market segment. A marketing coach can help you create an action plan to implement strategies to achieve your goals.

Timing is critical in marketing. So, your coach can help you take each step timely and outline your costs. You can learn out to employ a full range of marketing tools. Also, a marketing coach can help find highly successful strategies that you can leverage without spending money.

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Can A Career Coach Help You?

A Career Coach or Job Personal Coach will work with you, if you have the following questions and concerns:

  • Are looking for an entirely new career?
  • Are you unsure about how to make career change?
  • Do you need help finding the right career?
  • Are you feeling you could have a bigger impact in your career?
  • Do you desire to be more successful and effective than you are?
  • Are you looking to take your existing career to the next level?


Well a Career Personal Coach can help you find the greater meaning in your work. They can help you discover your innate strength that creates value. Your coach can help you take unrealized potential and transform it so that you lead, perform at our peak and a positive difference.

Desirable Career Goals to Achieve are:

  • Find a career that fits you
  • Complete the transition into your chosen career
  • Learn about yourself
  • Develop your potential for success in anything you choose to do

Each of you has a unique career path that will maximize your potential for happiness and success. You can find this path and live it in a way that enables you to express your natural gifts, creating great value for yourself and others. Your career coach can help you discover who you are and what you desire to be, then help you find that career in alignment with you. The alternative is a career that sounds good and then attempting to compromise yourself to make it work.

Think about it, is that what you want to settle for?

Hiring a Career or Job Coach will help you focus on finding that career and expand your self-discovery and personal growth.

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What is Conflict Coaching?


Conflict Coaching


This variety of coaching Combines the field of Personal Coaching and dispute resolution. This field of coaching helps individuals and groups develop creative, effective and constructive methods to address and resolve conflict. There is opportunity for discovery and growth that exists in any conflict as a result of conflict resolution coaching. Facing conflict is never easy. If you are responsible for the conflict it could be even worse.

Conflict can be confusing, overwhelming and so stressful that you don’t know how to clearly sort through the facts. In a situation like this, taking steps to figure out your next best step takes a lot courage and effort.

The costs of conflict on every level for both organizations and individuals and quick escalate and has led to the increased use of arbitrators, mediators, and other neutrals, including fact-finders, facilitators, and intermediary to resolve such conflicts.

Conflict coaching uses one of many conflict management tools for helping you improve your conflict management skills and abilities. Like many other techniques of this nature, it is based on the view that conflict provides an opportunity to improve relationships, to create mutually satisfactory solutions and attain other positive outcomes when differences arise in a relationship between you and another individual or group.

Your coach will help you become more self-aware of your current reality, what you desire to do and what you do not like, then explore the future you desire to create. This puts you in a position to address what is the basic for the conflict and seek fixes to resolve the conflict. After this is complete your coach can help you set goals and strategies on how to best deal with your conflict. You can also learn how to deal with conflict better in the future. Conflict can happen to anyone, even to the best of us. In a conflict crisis it is a great asset to have a conflict coach to help you deal with conflict in a productive manner successfully.

Successful conflict resolution involves promoting communication among disputants, problem solving, and drafting agreements that meet their underlying needs. In these situations, conflict resolvers focus on finding the win-win solution, or mutually satisfying scenario, for everyone involved.

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Wellness and Health Coach

Health Coaching

The Wellness or Health Coach is recognized as a way to help you “manage” your illnesses and conditions, especially those of a chronic nature. A Health and Wellness coach is a person who observes, gives objective feedback, teaches, helps to develop a plan of action and holds you responsible for your actions and commitments.

Your coach will share relevant health education information so that you are well informed.

These coaches will help you develop your health and wellness plan and keep it on track. The coach can also create a customized exercise routine for you. This coach can be your cheerleader and help you meet your health and wellness goals. They will help you maintain a good diet.

This coach may not be certified as a dietitian, however they should have good knowledge of nutrition. This knowledge is enough to help you set dieting goals. If you have health issues and need to quit smoking, drinking or eating fast food you can hire a Health and Wellness coach to be your accountability partner.

Your wellness coach will give you advice on what to do when the urge hits, when working to quit these habits.

Getting In Shape

Your coach will help you assess your current fitness level. Then you and your coach will look at your current lifestyle and exercise interests. This information is the foundation to set a fitness goal for you to achieve. The coach will then make it a fun and exciting process to get fit.

Getting Stress Free

When comes to stress your coach can help you understand your thoughts, perceptions and the events that create your stress. The Health coach will encourage your development of self-observation and self-awareness so that you learn how to respond to events in your life. You learn to recognize how to you can best manage your stress level. The coach will provide you tools and techniques to help you management your stress and incorporate it into your daily life.

Health and Wellness Coaching, guides you to:

  • talk about what is most troubling to you about your conditions,
  • what you most want to change,
  • what support you have to foster change,
  • what obstacles or difficulties must be removed or minimized to advance healthy behaviors,
  • focuses on the special health and wellness issues and concerns unique to you that fit into the context of your life.

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What is Success Coaching?

Success Coaching focuses on the full spectrum of success, including categories of obstacles that are in direct conflict with your goal, short and long term goals, action, set backs, sacrifice and guidance.

This Coach will help you build the self-confidence needed to have personal and professional success. A Success Life Coach will help you reinvent your life or business and help you soar to the next level progress. It requires a commitment of persistence, positive attitude, a strong team, an excellent plan, and a great coach.

So if you are looking for Peak Performance and Success in Life, Business or both and If you’re ready to jump-start your life, make more money, and have more fun and joy in all that you do, then a great success coach is right for you.

Jack Canfield and Tony Robbins are examples of well-known Success Life Coaches.

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How Can an Acting Coach Help You?

Acting Coach

An Acting Personal Coach, will help you prepare for acting auditions. Your Personal Coach understands actors, and acting. They use very simple techniques to help actors connect with the script, to each other and to the moment.

Do you want to try out your audition speeches with another professional?

You got the job, but do you feel comfortable with the script?

Do you need someone to go over your first day of rehearsals and shooting?

Well hiring an acting personal coach can provide you with the support, guidance, encouragement, honest criticism, and tools to enhance your professional skills. And help you succeed. This coach is for professional actors and those looking to develop solid monologue audition technique to the jobs they desire.

Preparing for the Audition

Your coach can help you prepare for the audition by doing the following in your sessions:

  • Selecting your monologue,
  • Using tools to mentally prepare for your audition,
  • Learning how to physically and emotionally connect to your monologue,
  • Discovering from scratch how to build your monologue audition performance,
  • Showing you how to improve confidence to make strong, bold choices based on your solid understanding of the script,
  • Exploring through all cold auditioning techniques for the most relevant approach,
  • Guiding you to deliver stellar monologues

Also, an Acting Personal Coach can give you ideas on where to apply for your auditions, what to look for, what questions to ask and how to prepare. You can develop techniques for improving your performance practice. Hiring an a coach can give you the support you need to be the successful professional actor you have always dreamed about.

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