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Some Coaches specialize in many different areas, while others focus in one or two specific areas. Finding the right specialty for you depends on your current need.

If your coaching needs change as you progress, then you need to focus on receiving coaching from different area of specialization, just like any other organized team would. All coaching is primarily about expanding awareness.

What is a Holistic Life Coaching

What is a Holistic Life Coaching?


Holistic Life Coaching focuses on an integrative approach to a total wellness of you, including physical vitality, emotional well-being, mental health, financial abundance, relationship prosperity, and spiritual connectivity. The goal is to assist you with unblocking your emotional pathways, to liberate your body, mind, and spirit, discover your personal path to enlightenment, boost your brain power, and achieve lasting results. You will learn to unleash the power that is within YOU.

The three main program levels of Holistic coaching involve the Body or physical, the mind or mental, and the spirit or spiritual level.


Physical Value

You could hire a Holistic Coach to help you align a physical experience that will create environments and action plans to support your physical goals and desires for a healthy and thriving body.

Mental Value

Someone could hire a Holistic coach for a mental experience to uncover the underlying limiting beliefs and patterns that cause physical manifestations such as a headache, insomnia or other signs of stress. The coach would guide you to create and incorporate new thoughts, beliefs and actions that are aligned with your values, goals and desires.

Spiritual Value

Others seek to hire a Holistic coach for a spiritual experience. Assisting someone to make a connection with Spirit, God or higher power. The coach helps you develop a spiritual practice which is aligned within your own religion or faith to renew and transform your existing spiritual conditions and life experiences.

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What is Spiritual Development Coaching

What is Spiritual Development Coaching?

Spiritual Coaching focuses on the spiritual development of an individual. The Spiritual Life Coach acknowledges the inward work of spirit in the mind and body. It is a well-established fact that a happy physical life is intricately linked to the spiritual life of a person.

Our life is constantly affected by our thoughts, feelings and emotions.

This system determines our physical state, mental state and the action we take. You actually define your future actions by your present action. Thus if you are willing to understand yourself and your actions at a deeper level you prime for a Spiritual Life Coach. While some look for a holistic style of assistance, others for career, or for relationship coaching, Others feel a need for support that is both material and spiritual, because it foundation appears to be out of control. This is where a master of your faith, denomination, discipline or teachings can provide support, which expand your spiritual awareness.

The Spiritual Coach will have the intuitive awareness and spiritual knowledge to help you resolve inner conflict and receive healing for your body and mind.

Who would be most likely to hire a coach for Spiritual Coaching?

It would be someone who is seeking spiritual growth guidance and support in their faith, religion or teaching. Examples of these are Christ teachings, Muslim, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and other denominations, Yoga, Meditation, Energetic Healing, heightened self-awareness and healing, quantum physics and other disciplines.

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Christian Life Coach

What is a Christian Life Coach?

A Christian Life Coach works with people who not only seek to identify their gifts but to apply them in service to their faith and belief in God. Christian worldviews are the essential to this Life Coach. The Christian Coach governs their coaching method according to divine revelation and spiritual guidance.

A Christian focusing on fulfilling their Christian dreams, desires and goals can achieve this with the help of their Christian coach. This coach will not provide assistance from a secular or non-Christian perspective, but from a Biblical approach. This assistance will come in the form of:

Life Transition Coach

What is a Life Transition Coach?

A Life Transition Coach helps someone who is looking for a faster or easier way to successfully navigate a major work or life transition. This transition can represent an issue going from one state to another – be it emotional, professional or situational. The Transition coach will help you focus on successfully moving toward the next chapter of your life using action-oriented, goal-focused, problem solving approaches.

During periods of transition a person could lack confidence, react with anxiety and need to re-evaluate, re-prioritize, re-energize, learn new skills, and create a new vision and goals before they can move forward. Periods of transition are times to concentrate on rebuilding your inner self and to discover new possibilities for who you want to be and what you want to do in your life ahead. Transitions in life are the time to reduce unfulfilling attachments to the past while positioning yourself for the productive future.

People who seek a Transition Coach are those that come face-to-face with disruptions in their life were they need support.

For example:

Celebrity Life Coach

What is a Celebrity Life Coach?

Celebrities have special needs and at times need an advisor, confidante, problem solver and much more.

A Celebrity Life Coach may assist with collaborations, professional training, brokering contracts, rescuing careers or relationships.

A Celebrity coach will help celebrities, navigate through health challenges, overcome harmful behaviors, gain greater success, overcome performance slumps, work through an increasingly fast-paced lifestyle with constant pressure and natural work restrictions.

If you are a celebrity needing support hire a Celebrity Life Coach.

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