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by nikia
(maurice, LA USA)



Totally Lost!!! not understanding how to use it. any suggestions?





by Mr. Potential
Hello Cinnamon,

Brainstormer is a keyword brainstorming and researching tool.

According to Site Build It’s (SBI) Brainstormer Help guide,

“there are two types of brainstorming Functions: Vertical and Lateral. Each has several different Resources (queries) available.

Vertica brainstormingl generates keywords that contain the Seed Word (ex., if you enter “anguilla,” all brainstormed keywords will contain “anguilla”).

Lateral brainstormingl generates keywords that are related to the Seed Word but do not contain it (ex., if you enter “anguilla,” a lateral word is “caribbean island”).

You don’t need to use all the brainstorms to determine your Site Concept Keyword. During DAY 2 of the Site Build It’s (SBI) Action Guide, you choose your Site Concept, or niche, using…

Vertical Brainstorm > Site Concept Finder

Cinnamon, I cannot emphasize this enough that the key to understanding all of SBI’s core concepts, procedures, tools, and resources is through reading and watching the Action Guide Documents and Videos as many times as necessary. Personally, I read and watched the Action Guide several times. Because all the case studies before me preached its fundamental importance to one’s success. So, the more I studied the material the more I understood.

With that being established upfront, Day 2-4, especially Day 3 of the Action Guide will walk you through the processes for describing the Brainstorm It tool’s functionality and how to use it step by step. After you have exhausted the SBI video and document resources, you can also review the Site Build It forums.

Among the many forum Categories and topics being discussed there is forum specifically for Brainstorm It. This is where anyone can review threads on various topics and members can ask and answer questions to help each other in the SBI member community.

I am available to help you answer your specific questions about SBI, including the Brainstormer tool, using my SBI experience and the resources I have shared with you in my response, if you do not find the answer on your own.

Cinnamon, have you ordered Site Build It? If you own SBI there is also a Brainstormer help link on the front page of the Brainstormer tool.

For more information, click here where I discuss how I built a successful website using SBI and decided to be an affiliate.

These are my suggestions to you.

Also, I am available to answer questions relating personal coaching help, self, process and performance improvement.

I hope this helps. Let me know if I can be of further assistance. Thanks for your inquiry.

All The Best!

Darryl Kenebrew
Coach Mr. Potential

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