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Advertising online is very affordably with us! With more than 7000 monthly page views from highly targeted and unique visitors browsing through Self Improvement Life Coach, choosing to spend your marketing dollars here is a great investment.

The Self Improvement Life Coach is featured on several websites and our website is ranked consistently in within the top 1% of all worldwide active websites, according to Alexa.com, the web traffic and rank reporting website. This means that we get more traffic than over 99.7% of all websites on the internet. DomainTools.com states there are over 122 million active websites on the internet. Check out our Alexa ranking below.

Alexa Certified Site Stats for www.self-improvement-life-coach.com

The content on Self Improvement Life Coach is fresh and updated every week. We are viewed consistently by over 70 different countries.

You are able to advertise affordably here as we believe in promoting both the self improvement, personal development, life coaching and performance improvement experts without breaking the bank. We believe that when it comes to advertising, less is more. Pages that are noisy and cluttered with excessive advertising do not get the click. Because of our carefully crafted niche market of self improvement and life coaching, our visitors are actively searching out information from a trusted source, making Self Improvement Life Coach a wonderful place to promote your products, services and increase your brand awareness.

Banner and Text Advertising

Our advertising rates are simple – and easy to setup. Just select the ad size, purchase your ad spot and submit your advertising request instruction in the for below. That’s it! Your are on your way.

You can choose one or more of the options below to suit your needs. We are also happy to work with you to create a custom package to suit your needs.

1. Center Banner Ads – exclusive, targeting website advertising, for the center column of our website. Pay here.

2. Side Banner Ads – exclusive, targeting website advertising, for the left and right columns of our website. Pay here.

Size Location Base Rate Best Deal
(save 35%)
3 Mos
(save 25%)
6 Mos
(save 15%)
1 year
Banner Ad 468×60 Center
$20 $40 $90 $205
Side Image Ad
160×600 Left
$15 $30 $68 $155
Side Image Ad
Left or Right
$15 $30 $68 $155
Side Image Ad
Left or Right
$10 $20 $45 $102

3. Feature Text Ads – We offer exclusive, featured text advertising, on our home page for $10 per week. You can pay up to 4 weeks in advance.

Important Information

To advertise

We offer limited and exclusive advertising here on Self Improvement Life Coach and are happy to work with you to create the perfect ad campaign. All prices are in US dollars and all payments must be made in advance.

We reserve the right to reject any ad not deemed suitable

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Contact us to submit your advertising request details.

Advertise – Specifications

Advertise – Purchase Here

Center Column Banner Ads

Size: 468×60

Large Banner Ads

Size: 160×600

Mid-Size Banner Ads

Size: (120×600 or 125×125)

Small Banner Ads

Size: (100×100 or 120×90 or 120×60)

Premium Banner Ads

Home Page Premium Ads
$25 Additional Charge

Featured Text Ads 

Home Page Text Ad

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